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Top 12 Best Crossbows

Rating of the best crossbows for use in various purposes – for entertainment, sports and hunting

What Is The Best Crossbow To Buy

One of the main criteria for choosing the best crossbow is the arrow’s flight speed. The value can reach 120 meters per second for the most productive models. To hit a target at a distance of 60-80 meters, a crossbow is sufficient, providing up to 100 m/s.

It is important to consider recoil in use. It is influenced by factors such as the length of the shoulders and the direction of their movement. The accuracy of the hit directly depends on this. The smallest recoil is characterized by crossbows with short arms, the vectors of movement of which are directed in opposite directions.

Don’t forget about size and weight. Compact and lightweight models are more convenient for dynamic or long hunts. Elongated and heavyweight crossbows are designed to engage targets in open areas. The specific design also plays an important role in the usability of the weapon. Distinguish between recursive and block models. The former require certain operating skills, but are easy to repair and easily rechargeable. Block crossbows are characterized by easy cocking of the bowstring and more power. According to current legislation, the right to use a crossbow for hunting can be used by holders of a military ID and a permit to store and carry weapons. In this case, the force of the arc of the model should not exceed 43 kgf.

Best Hunting Crossbows

Such models are designed for use in difficult conditions. They are easy to maintain and have low response. Hunting crossbows work silently, making them convenient when shooting from an ambush.

#1 Mathews Mission SUB-1 Forest


The model is equipped with a CNC cutting insert, the use of which excludes vertical movement of the shank. To safely and conveniently unload the crossbow, just press the corresponding button, pull the string tensioner and remove the arrow.

The bowstring is wound on blocks from the side of the block, not the lock. This allows the bolt’s initial velocity to be increased without increasing the length of the weapon and increasing the tension.

Accuracy of the group with active shooting corresponds to a value of about 2.5 cm, which is comparable to that of rifles.

  • high accuracy;
  • noiseless shooting;
  • ease of use;
  • light weight;
  • compact frame.
  • high price.

Mathews Mission SUB-1 Forest is suitable for medium range shooting. It can be disassembled without the help of a press and is convenient for long hikes.

#2 Barnett Ghost 350 Carbon

Barnett Ghost 350 Carbon

The frame of the model is made of polymer materials, which ensures light weight and comfort during long-term use.

The crossbow shoulders are made using Carbon Riser technology. They are weakly subject to vibrations when firing a projectile, which guarantees accuracy and noiselessness of firing.

The initial speed of the boom is 106 m / s, the working stroke of the bowstring is 304 mm. The design is equipped with a collimator or telescopic sight mount for more comfortable use at a long distance. The MIM hook guarantees smooth descent at 175 lbs. Of power.

  • high projectile speed;
  • light weight;
  • ease of guidance;
  • quiet shooting;
  • ease of maintenance.
  • requires initial configuration.

The Barnett Ghost Carbon is worth buying for fans of dynamic hunting – an excellent choice for fishing large birds or deer.

#3 Tenpoint Vapor

Tenpoint Vapor

The String Dampening System reduces bowstring noise and vibration when using the crossbow. The package includes a quick-release quiver, six arrows and a telescopic sight. The compact size and protective case make it easy to transport and store the model.

The use of the bullpup layout scheme with the trigger extended forward provides the compact size of the weapon without loss of shooting performance. Parallel arm design reduces recoil and accelerates boom flight.

  • light weight;
  • compactness;
  • low noise level;
  • initial boom speed – 110 m/s;
  • automatic fuse.
  • complexity of service.

The Tenpoint Vapor is effective at both short and long range. Such a crossbow is good for hunting fast-moving game.

#4 Darton Archery Rebel 135SS

Darton Archery Rebel 135SS

A stop with replaceable liners and a non-slip grip cover make for easy customization and a comfortable grip.

The crossbow can be loaded with bolts with different types of shanks and is equipped with a mechanical tensioner for comfortable use.

The initial velocity of the projectile reaches 107 m / s, the working stroke of the bowstring is 34 cm. The design is equipped with an advanced system of eccentric blocks. They give the shots increased energy and strength. Thanks to this, the weapon has high destructive characteristics even at a long distance.

  • small dimensions;
  • ease of service;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • high shooting accuracy;
  • low price.
  • heavy.

The Darton Archery Rebel 135SS is a versatile solution for use in any terrain. It is suitable for hunting both birds and large animals.

Best Sports Crossbows

Such models are used for competitive target shooting. Sports crossbows are characterized by high precision and high tension force. In some cases, it can reach 120 kgf.

#5 Bowtech Archery Desert Stryker

Bowtech Archery Desert Stryker

The main feature of the model is the unique Center Pivot design. The shoe attachment point is located at the center of each shoulder.

Thanks to this, less stress is placed on the ends of each of them, which reduces vibration during firing.

The universal Weaver rail allows you to attach various types of optics to the crossbow. The trigger safety is triggered whenever there is no boom on the rail, eliminating the possibility of a blank shot. The forend is adjustable under the owner’s hand, and the block synchronization system centers the bowstring.

  • high shooting accuracy;
  • lack of vibration;
  • noiselessness;
  • wear resistance;
  • light weight.
  • high price.

The Desert Stryker is comfortable to use at close to medium range. Ease of aiming and lightness guarantee accurate target shooting.

#6 Browning PSE TAC Elite

Browning-PSE-TAC-EliteThe double design of the arms and the overall eccentric blocks guarantee a high initial flight speed of the boom – up to 123 m / s.

The projectile holding system is not a standard guide, but a shelf with brushes. Its use significantly reduces friction and guarantees minimal impact on the flight path.

The built-in manual tensioner allows cocking in just 15 seconds and quickly unloads the crossbow. The pad is equipped with special rubber dampers. They reduce vibration and noise during firing. Mounting plates make it easy to install additional accessories: flashlights, bipods or crossbow scopes.

  • high speed of flight of an arrow;
  • accuracy;
  • lack of vibration;
  • wear resistance;
  • durable frame.
  • great weight.

Browning Elite is convenient for use not only at close, but also at long range. An excellent solution for shooting targets at a distance of over 90 meters.

#7 Megaline Phantom II

Megaline Phantom II

The material for the forend and butt is wood, for the shoulders – fiberglass. Thanks to this, the model weighs only 2.2 kg, which means it will be comfortable for aiming and long-term holding on weight.

The bowstring has a stroke of 43 cm with a pulling force of 40 lbs. The crossbow is equipped with a blank fire safety and an 11 cm long aiming bar with a dovetail mount. The elongated design allows the use of projectiles of increased length – up to 43 cm.

  • compactness;
  • light weight;
  • wear resistance;
  • accuracy.
  • difficult cocking.

Megaline Phantom II is designed for aimed shooting at a short distance from the target. The maximum distance for this weapon is 25 meters.

#8 Sanlida Next Camo

Sanlida Next Camo

The stock of the model is made of impact-resistant plastic and covered with non-slip material. Light weight and center of gravity in the middle contribute to ease of transport and hold while shooting.

The working stroke of the bowstring is 36 centimeters, the maximum speed of the bolt is 114 m / s. The trigger force does not exceed 1.8 kgf, the automatic safety device eliminates the risk of an accidental shot and guarantees the safety of the owner.

  • lightweight design;
  • fuse;
  • convenient mount of the sight;
  • bowstring tensioner.
  • the complexity of the repair.

The Sanlida Next Camo is designed for long bolt shooting. It can be used at short or medium distance.

Best Amateur Crossbows

Models of this type are purchased for shooting at a distance of 15 to 40 meters. They are compact in size and are used for entertainment or training.

#9 Man Kung MK-250

Man Kung MK-250

The material for the manufacture of the shoulders is fiberglass, which ensures the strength and elasticity of the parts. The eccentric blocks guarantee a high level of energy output during boom acceleration. Due to this, the starting speed indicator for the release of the projectile is 76 meters per second.

The mount for the sight and front sight can be adjusted depending on the planned distance of the shot. The weight of the crossbow is 3.3 kilograms, the tension of the bowstring is 43 kg. For more accurate guidance, it is permissible to install an optical or collimator sight.

  • the convenience of use;
  • noiselessness;
  • smooth descent of the hook;
  • durable frame.
  • requires block configuration.

Man Kung MK-250 is easy to use. It is intended for shooting for recreational purposes at a distance of about 25 meters.

#10 PoeLang EK Archery Galaxy

PoeLang EK Archery GalaxyThe length of the crossbow is 74 cm, the width of the shoulders in the unloaded state is 41 cm. Despite its small dimensions, the model provides an arrow speed of up to 92 meters per second. The bullpup layout simplifies on-the-go reloading and minimizes recoil.

The soft grip features finger slots for a more comfortable grip. Idle fire protection helps to extend the life of the weapon. Rapid targeting is facilitated by the included telescopic sight.

  • compactness;
  • weak recoil;
  • light weight;
  • durable frame;
  • equipped with a sight.
  • complexity of service.

PoeLang EK Archery Galaxy is worth buying for lovers of outdoor activities and real men’s entertainment. Inexpensive projectile for short and medium range shooting.

#11 Interloper Cayman

Interloper Cayman

The forend of the model has individual adjustment for a more comfortable hold by the owner of any height.

The lock is designed for a fivefold increase in load and has a clear and quiet actuation. The shoulders do not lose elasticity even after several hours of the crossbow being cocked.

The automatic safety catch is equipped with levers for easy use with gloves. The anti-reflective coating of the aiming bar makes aiming easier in daylight. The working life of the bowstring is designed for more than 5000 cycles.

  • durability;
  • flexible adjustment of the forend;
  • accurate shooting;
  • diopter sight;
  • light weight.
  • large dimensions.

Interloper Cayman will be an excellent acquisition for training shooting. It will be equally convenient for use by both adults and teenagers.

#11 Hori-Zone RedBack

Hori-Zone RedBack

The ergonomics of the model is ensured by its low weight and the presence of a pistol grip. Its non-slip surface and grooved pads make it easy to hold the crossbow with one hand. The aiming bar can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for better aiming.

Recursively designed shoulders provide increased elasticity for smooth and fast acceleration. They are equipped with protective tips that guarantee resistance to deformation and secure fixation of the bowstring.

  • durable guide;
  • ease of guidance;
  • weight is only 1 kg;
  • compactness.
  • tangible return.

Best Arrows for Bows and Crossbows

Arrows produced today are divided into two main categories: traditional and sport-hunting. The latter have a multi-piece design and are compatible with professional weapons (they are also the best in all characteristics). Traditional models are made of wood, equipped with an iron tip and natural plumage.

How to choose arrows?

To begin with, you should consider the material for making the shaft. Aluminum booms are affordable, while carbon booms are highly durable and lightweight. For occasional recreational shooting, a classic wooden model will suffice.

Pay attention to the length. Arrows that are too short can cause injury. The required size is influenced not only by the characteristics of the weapon, but also by the level of training of the owner.

To calculate the optimal boom length, add 4-5 centimeters to the pull length.

The strength and stability of the projectile in flight depend on the thickness of the shaft. Most of the tubes on the market have a fixed diameter along their entire length. Some professional models have a barrel shape that gives them better aerodynamics.

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What are the parts of the arrow?

The shaft acts as the basis of the structure. On one side, a tip is attached to it, on the other – a shank. To stabilize the projectile in flight, the tail is located at the rear. On sale there are arrows both assembled and in the form of a simple shaft (with or without plumage), which can be equipped in accordance with your requirements.

Which tip is better to buy?

The correct choice depends on the specifics of future operating conditions. For competition or recreational use, a bullet-like fairing will suffice. Hunting tips are designed to deal maximum damage to the target, so they must have multiple blades.

How to determine the pull length?

You should stand on a flat surface, turn your head to the left and raise your chin. Then you need to stretch your left hand to the side. The distance from the tip of the thumb to the chin will indicate the optimal size.

What does the stiffness of the shaft affect?

This characteristic determines the amount of deflection of the projectile under the influence of a certain load. It, in turn, affects the durability of the projectile and the accuracy of the fire. The stiffness can be changed by shortening the shaft or making the tip heavier.

Economical models for amateur use and reinforced equipment for professional competition or hunting.

TOP 5 Arrows

#1 Easton Aftermath 400

Easton Aftermath 400

Professional equipment for bow. Suitable for hunting enthusiasts or sports archers. A reliable solution for shooting from various distances.


  • reinforced construction;
  • light weight;
  • protective covering.

The tip can be easily replaced, which ensures a long life and versatility of the model. The reinforced shank is not afraid of mechanical damage and is distinguished by reliable fixation.

The outer diameter of the boom is 6 millimeters, the length is 40 cm. The projectile is made of dense carbon fiber, retains straightness for a long time, is resistant to breakage and minor scratches.

#2 Arrows Yarrow 20″


Lightweight arrows. Yarrow arrows are suitable for rifle-type crossbows and target shooting both outdoors and in the shooting range.


  • light weight;
  • protective covering;
  • durable tip;
  • long service life;
  • low price.

The shaft of the model is made of aluminum, which guarantees high strength and lightness. For additional protection from external factors, the structure is covered with a special paint.

The total boom length is 520 millimeters. The tip is made of high quality steel, is not afraid of deformation under heavy load and remains sharp for a long time.

#3 Centershot Slayer 350 (CSTJ-C02003)


One-stop solution. Carbon arrows are recommended for hunting use. They are also suitable for training athletes and target shooting enthusiasts.


  • high strength;
  • easy tip change;
  • light weight;
  • low price.

The model is made of high quality carbon fiber, which provides the projectile with resistance to mechanical damage and lightness. The ergonomic shank makes it easy to pull the bowstring.

The boom is 78 centimeters long and has an outer diameter of 7.37 mm. Maintaining straightness guarantees accurate shooting in all conditions. The tip can be replaced if necessary.

#4 Interloper Arrow Vector 20

Interloper Arrow Vector 20

For shooting at remote targets. The Interloper crossbow boom is suitable for amateur use and regular training.


  • robust construction;
  • light weight;
  • replaceable shank;
  • reinforced tip.

The shaft of the model is made of high quality carbon fiber, has a low tolerance for straightness and is durable. The bright color makes it easier to find the bolt after an unsuccessful shot.

The boom is supplied assembled, but if the shank is damaged, it can be replaced. The oversized plumage stabilizes the flight and makes it easier to hit the target from a long distance.

#5 Arrows Ek Archery D-110

Arrows Ek Archery D-110

Compact crossbow model. These carbon fiber bolts are truly versatile and suitable for a variety of purposes. Compatible with Cobra R9 and Cobra RX Adder crossbows.


  • lightness;
  • high strength;
  • replaceable tip;
  • wear-resistant plumage.

The small size and increased rigidity of the model provide optimal ballistic performance for both close and long range shooting. The main production material is carbon fiber. The projectile is 19 centimeters long and weighs 12.5 grams. The tip is made of high hardness steel, resistant to deformation under heavy load and can be replaced if necessary.

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