TOP 10 Best Machetes

Which machete is better to buy

When choosing a machete, you should pay attention to the blade material. It determines not only the strength, but also the convenience of sharpening and the plasticity of the blade. For operation in the most difficult conditions, we recommend purchasing models made using steel grades AISI-420, Sandvik 12C27.

It is worth determining the resistance of the machete to environmental factors. The use of stainless steel will provide a long service life in high humidity conditions. The best solution would be to buy a model with a protective anti-scratch coating or a special case.

Weight is an important characteristic – it affects the force of the impact. However, excessively heavy models can quickly tire, which is unacceptable for prolonged work. The optimal weight is in the range of 300-500 grams.

The handle of the machete should have an ergonomic shape and a non-slip surface. A more reliable grip will be provided by a closed hilt design, sub-finger grooves, and a protruding pommel. An advantage will be the presence of a hole for attaching a safety belt.

The range of application of the machete is quite wide: it is used as an agricultural tool for harvesting reeds, bushes or cutting paths in dense thickets. Machete is used as a cold weapon, a knife for cutting large food products, a cleaver for removing branches, etc.

TOP 10 Best Machetes


Lightweight machetes for long hikes and massive models for advanced tasks.

Best double-sided machetes

Such models have butts with serrated blades. This expands the functionality of the machete, allowing it to be used not only as a stabbing, chopping or cutting tool, but also instead of a saw.

#1 Desperado Latin 2 Survivor

Desperado Latin 2 Survivor

The model has a smooth cutting edge and is convenient for sharpening. The blade is made of 65MN carbon steel, which guarantees durability and impact resistance for a long time. The use of Black Oxide processing technology eliminates the appearance of corrosion on the metal.

The total length of the machete is 545 mm, the thickness of the butt of the blade is 3 mm. The polymer handle does not slip out of wet palms and is highly durable. A special hole makes it possible to attach a lanyard.

  • quick and easy sharpening;
  • comfortable grip;
  • high strength and corrosion resistance of steel;
  • nylon cover.
  • high price.

Desperado Latin 2 Survivor can be used for cutting small shrubs and wood chips. A faithful assistant both at home and on vacation.

#2 Bellota 465-12 PBMA

Bellota 465-12 PBMA

The model has a non-slip anatomically shaped polypropylene handle, which provides a secure hold in any grip. A nylon pouch with a belt clip increases safety when carrying your machete. A safety harness hole reduces the chance of loss.

The total length is 304 mm, the blade thickness is 1.8 mm. The blade is made of hardened chrome-plated steel, it is not afraid of mechanical damage, deformation and corrosion.

  • durable blade;
  • ease of holding;
  • wear-resistant case with a belt;
  • relatively low weight – 250 g;
  • low price.
  • short length.

Bellota PBMA is not afraid of difficult operating conditions and is suitable for use on a long hike.

#3 Viking Nordway H059

Viking Nordway H059

The blade of the model is made of stainless steel, which makes it unpretentious to storage conditions and provides ease of sharpening. Such a machete will be convenient in field conditions.

The total length is 470 millimeters, the blade thickness is 4 mm. The handle is made of elastomer, resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. It is not afraid of abrasion and does not slip when wet, guaranteeing a secure grip.

  • quick and easy sharpening;
  • ease of carrying;
  • durable stainless steel blade;
  • non-slip handle;
  • low price.
  • hard.

The Viking Nordway is a good choice for outdoor use, although the machete is suitable for a wide variety of tasks.

#4 Truper MACH-18

Truper MACH-18

The handle of the model has an anatomical design and anti-slip coating, which provides a secure grip. There is a special hole in the nose of the blade that allows you to hang the machete in a convenient place for quick access.

The length of the blade is 450 millimeters, the thickness of the blade is 2 mm. The material of manufacture is SAE 1070 steel (carbon content 0.7% guarantees high strength and ductility of the metal). High-quality sharpening extends the service life without the need for maintenance.

  • ergonomic handle;
  • high-strength steel;
  • durability;
  • light weight;
  • keeps sharpening for a long time.
  • lack of a cover.

Truper MACH-18 is perfect for carrying with you at all times. An excellent solution for cutting down dense thickets and harvesting works.

#5 SOGFari MC02

SOGFari MC02

The SOGFari blade is made of 3CR13 steel. It ensures that the sharpening is maintained for a long time. When finishing the handle, a craton was used, which is not afraid of moisture and rapid wear.

The length of the blade is 32.8 centimeters, the weight is 444 g. For the convenience of storing and carrying the machete, a special case is provided. It is made of nylon and will not tear with prolonged use. All main elements are treated with a protective paint to prevent minor scratches.

  • the strength of all basic elements;
  • reliable grip;
  • protective covering;
  • convenience of storage.
  • long sharpening.

SOGFari MC02 will be useful on a long hike. The versatile solution for clearing thickets, digging holes and sawing branches.

Best long machetes

The large size and heavy weight of such models make it possible to use them for solving the most complex problems. They are distinguished by the high strength of the blades, they are able to cut through thick stems, branches of trees, bushes, etc.

#6 Gerber Bolo


The Gerber Bolo blade has a characteristic protrusion for increased damage. Anti-corrosion coating guarantees long-term operation in high humidity conditions. The textured grip provides a secure grip even when wet and resists sharp knocks.

The total length of the tool is 57.2 centimeters, the thickness of the butt is 2 mm. Includes a nylon sheath for storing and safely carrying your weapon. The fixing D-piece allows you to attach the machete to equipment, belt or backpack.

  • strength corrosion resistance;
  • ease of wearing;
  • reliable grip;
  • long service life.
  • high price.

Gerber Bolo (31002076N) is suitable for use in any conditions. Machete is equally good for housework or for long hikes.

#7 Ontario OKC 22 Heavy Duty

Ontario OKC 22 Heavy Duty

One of the features of the model is the D-shaped handle. It provides a comfortable grip and does not allow the machete to fall out of the palm of your hand during intensive felling. The use of a phosphate-zinc coating guarantees the resistance of the metal to corrosion throughout its entire service life.

Weapon weight – 710 g, butt thickness 3.2 mm. The blade is made of 1075 Carbon Steel, the handle is molded plastic. For the convenience of carrying and storage, special sheaths are provided. Double-sided symmetrical sharpening for comfortable working from any position.

  • reliable grip;
  • strong and durable blade with corrosion protection;
  • convenience of storage.
  • requires a long sharpening.

Ontario Heavy Duty is not afraid of difficult operating conditions, so it is suitable for use on a camping trip if its heavy weight is not an issue.

#8 Truper Maca-22


The blade of the model is made of SAE 1071 steel, characterized by high strength and resistance to mechanical damage. The curved shape makes it easier to clear thickets and allows for less effort.

The total length of the machete is 690 mm, the weight is 760 grams. The handle is made of plastic and does not weigh down the structure. A special hole makes it possible to pass the safety strap.

  • comfortable to hold and work;
  • high strength;
  • curved blade;
  • wear-resistant handle.
  • rather big weight.

Truper Maca-22 is designed for cleaning in the garden or in the country.

#9 Cold Steel 97AD18Z Latin D-Guard

Cold Steel 97AD18Z Latin D-Guard

The handle of the machete is made of polypropylene, withstands heavy shock loads and is resistant to rapid wear. The blade is made of 1055 Carbon steel. Its main feature is its increased hardness, which makes it possible to use the machete in any conditions without fear of damaging the web.

Weapon weight – 519 grams with a blade thickness of 2 mm. The protective D-ring promotes a secure and secure grip. All structural elements are treated for corrosion protection and retain their quality characteristics for a long time.

  • fits comfortably in the hand;
  • strength;
  • corrosion protection;
  • the presence of a cover.
  • thin blade.

The Cold Steel Latin D-Guard Machete will be useful when moving through the wilderness for a difficult route.

#10 Tramontina 26621/018

Tramontina 26621/018

This machete has a very simple design. The wide blade is made of high quality steel, so the blade retains cutting properties for a long time and is not subject to splitting under heavy load.

The butt thickness is 2 mm, the total weight is 505 grams. The lack of sharpening at the point makes it possible to perform clearing of the territory and digging works with the help of a machete without the risk of damaging the canvas. The handle is made of wood and is not afraid of sharp blows thanks to reinforcing rivets.

  • high strength;
  • high-quality sharpening;
  • convenient use for various tasks;
  • low price.
  • instability to corrosion.

Tramontina 26621/018 can be used as an ax or cleaver. An inexpensive machete for home use will last a long time if it is properly stored in a dry place and the blade is properly cared for.

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